Exercices français en ligne- Online French exercises

Pour compléter nos cours de français, Accent Français propose des exercices de français en ligne gratuits complémentaires

French University Preparation - Accent Francais Montpellier

Accent Français offers a specific program aimed at preparing students who wish to study in France and to enter a French University or any other Higher Education School (Business, architecture, engineering, etc.).
Minimum level requested
B1 achieved and certified by an official examination (Delf B1, TCF B1, TEF B1, etc.)
20 lessons/week : General French Courses (Standard formula, international groups corresponding to the level of the students and limited to 10 students maximum)
10 lessons /week : Specific classes in group (12 students maximum)
Teaching methods and content 
The program includes :
- General French Courses designed to help students attain the B2 level which is the level requested for higher education studies in France.
- Learning about the several components of French methodology : 
 Methodology for written exercises/exams specific to the French system : summary, essay, document analysis, etc.
 methodology for oral exercises/exams : present a talk, oral comprehension, take notes and speak from notes.
- French Civilization : French educational system, general knowledge of the French history, economics and politics.
- Weekly evaluation
It is possible to take the DELF B2 or the TCF at the end of the program. Please refer to the exam calendars for appropriate examination dates.
12 weeks
Dates :
2 sessions in 2013 : 3/06-23/08 or 16/09-13/12
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