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Medical French Program - Accent Francais Montpellier

Accent Français offers a progressive program to enable doctors and healthcare professionals to understand and communicate in real situations of their work environment, understand basic French vocabulary related to healthcare, as well as to get basic skills to feel comfortable in everyday life in France.


Target audience:


This course is designed for medical students and trainees, doctors, nurses, NGOs professionals who intend working in the health sector with French speaking healthcare professionals or using documents written in French.



Level requested:


From level A2 to C2 of the CECR (Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference).




Teachers in charge of the training are all qualified and trained to teach proficient medical French.




20 lessons: General French course (Standard Formula in international level group, 10 students maximum per class)

6 lessons: Medical French course (small groups of 1 to 5 students)




  • Documents audio and video used in class
  • Several supporting documents to study vocabulary in real life situation, genuine conversation recordings
  • Courses are designed according to the 4 competences of the CECR: oral understanding, written understanding, oral expression, written expression.






Medical French program:


Communication situation centred on the following relations:


  • Doctor – patient (patient, patient family)
  • Doctors – healthcare professionals (nurses, general practitioner, pharmacist, hospital trainees)
  • In hospital field, and main practical situations: consultation, diagnosis, prescription
  • In the various medicine professional branches: general practice, cardiology radiology, neurology…



Communication situations studied with video and audio supporting documents :


  • In face-to-face situations: consultations, nurses and medical assistant guiding, interviews, explanations to patient families.
  • In a group situation in a professional team
  • On the phone: making an appointment, medical counselling
  • An external consultant may come to our school to   meet our students
  • Upon availability and if authorized by the hospital or health center, students accompanied by their teacher will have the opportunity to visit the facilities and meet to a professional team


Written communication will be done through:


  • Passing on of information
  • Understanding of documents related to hospital activity and administration
  • Writing simple letters
  • Medical sheets processing

Writing drafts, summaries, conclusions


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