Exercices français en ligne- Online French exercises

Pour compléter nos cours de français, Accent Français propose des exercices de français en ligne gratuits complémentaires

French for business - Accent Francais Montpellier

Accent Français offers a progressive program to enable students and professionals to understand and communicate in real work environment situations, understand basic French vocabulary related to various work fields, as well a get basic skills to feel comfortable in everyday life in France.



Program focus:


Language training for students and professionals specifically looking to study the French language for use in a business environment: emphasis on the acquisition of professional and business vocabulary, administrative and commercial work vocabulary, development of skills in reading and writing business documents, and oral communication in a professional setting.

Preparation of Paris Chamber of Commerce exam DFP B1.



Level requested:

From level A2 to C1 of the CECR (Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference).



Teachers in charge of the training are all qualified and trained to teach business French.



- 20 lessons: General French course (Standard Formula in international level group, 10 students maximum per class), from Monday to Friday.

- 6 lessons: French for business, 10 students maximum per class (3 classes).


Program and methods:

-Audio and video documents used in class

-Authentic materials (press articles, graphics, purchase orders, cheques, professional letters, job advertisements, etc)

-Several supporting documents to study vocabulary in real life situation, genuine conversation recordings

-Courses are designed according to the 4 competences of the CECR: oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral expression, written expression.



Starting Dates: every Monday

Duration from 1 week to 24 weeks 


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